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Even the best built ponds can eventually have problems.
Given enough time, ground settling, erosion and weathering can cause problems in any pond. The first step in pond repair is determining where the leak actually is. Once the location has been determined, a method of repair can be decided upon.

General Repair of Leaks

First determine if the leak is in the pond or the waterfall. If you are unsure, fill the pond up and cut off the flow to the waterfall. If the pond level goes down, the leak is in the pond. If the pond level goes down only when the waterfall is on, the leak is in the waterfall. Sometimes the leak can be in the plumbing to the filter, but that is rare.

For Concrete Ponds

You can patch cracked concrete with cement, but you have to paint over the patch with environmentally safe waterproofing masonry paint. This is because the cement has lime in it which buffers the pH of the water. At any rate, expect the patch to last only a season or two. The best way to repair a concrete pond is to put a rubber liner in it or coat it with liquid rubber membrane. The rubber liner lasts twenty years or more, but is difficult to install. The rubber coating lasts five to ten years and is simple to install but can be pricey for larger ponds.

For Plastic Preformed Ponds

There are patch kits available for these ponds, but once they start to crack, they continue to crack. Best to replace it with rubber liner or a new preformed pond.

For Plastic Liner Ponds

Also known as PVC liner. This liner gets stiff and cracks where it has folds. Once it starts to crack, it continues to crack. Best to replace it with rubber liner. If it gets torn while it is still supple, a patch kit will fix the tear.

For Rubber Liner Ponds

A patch kit will easily repair most holes in this liner.

Problems Other Than Leaks

Can include collapsing of pond walls, settling of an area or side, stonework becoming loose or shifted, and external equipment shifting or leaking.

Many of these issues are best identified and addressed by a pond professional. Feel free to Contact Us for more information. We service pond Owners in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland, and Virginia.


Save on water and excessmaintainance

Backyard Ponds is a full service water garden and pond company. We provide this service in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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Please be advised that we provide this advice as a reference only. Every pond is different, and may present different problems and solutions, so take care to research and thoroughly think out any situations before you take any actions.

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