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The spring cleaning is essential to a ponds's health and cleanliness. In the springtime, when the water temperature gets about 40 to 45 degrees F, the pond should have a thorough cleaning. This process includes:

Spring Cleaning Steps
  1. Drain all of the water out of the pond.
  2. Set the fish and other critters aside in an appropriately sized clean container with pond water. Examine the fish for overall good health.
  3. Remove the thicker debris from the pond with a wet/dry vac or dust pail and broom.
  4. Rinse the pond and, if necessary, scrub the walls with a soft brush or pad
  5. Pump or vacuum out the rinse water.
  6. Clean out and hook up the pump, filter and other appliances. Replace or add filter media if needed.
  7. Make any necessary repairs to the pond at this time.
  8. Fill the pond with fresh water and add dechlorinator
  9. While waiting for the pond to fill, divide, repot and fertilize any pond plants that need it.
  10. Put the fish and plants back in, taking care to remove any excess fish and note whether or not the plant supply is adequate.
  11. Turn the system on and add a start-up dose of bottled bacteria.

A pond in the springtime

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Please be advised that we provide this advice as a reference only. Every pond is different, and may present different problems and solutions, so take care to research and thoroughly think out any situations before you take any actions.

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