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The Joy of Water Gardens

Ponds are a beautiful, relaxing part of any landscape. Sitting by the edge of a pond can reduce stress: the sound of gently flowing water, the delicate hues of a lily blossom, the shimmering, undulating school of golden fish.

Water gardens are becoming popular than ever:

  • They raise the property value
  • Bird enthusiasts will enjoy the increase in feathered visitors
  • A well designed pond requires very little maintenance.
The Joy of Backyard Ponds

Unlike landscapers, we only work on ponds. We don't spread ourselves thin by cutting lawn, planting flowers and pruning trees. We love ponds, and understand how to create them to serve both the owner and the surrounding environment. The key to having a low maintenance pond, now and years to come, is to have it built expertly. We are skilled at finding the balance between the fish, plants, size and space considerations.

We can confidently say that all of our clients who follow our advice have clear water, happy fish and prodigious plants.


Winning water garden display

Our display garden at the Washington Flower and Garden Show, 2000 at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.

Our garden won three blue ribbons this year:

  • Best Suburban/Country Garden
  • Garden that Best Illustrates the Theme of the Show
  • The coveted Jack Eden Award

See our 2003 awards and displays.



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