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Pond Maintenance is a very important aspect of owning a pond. Good equipment, stocking ponds with right amount of fish and plants, and taking care to not overfeed all contribute to the well being of a pond.

Maintenance is necessary on a continuous basis, though to ensure the healthiness and longevity of fish and plants, and to give you the most pleasurable experience with your pond.

We offer contracted service on either weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis where we top off the pond, clean necessary filter equipment, prune and fertilize plants, top off the pond, pull up stringy algae, sticks, leaves, and check the water quality.

Maintenance advice
  • Fertilize all plants regularly.
  • Remove brown plant leaves as they occur.
  • Scoop out any excess debris.
  • Feed the fish if you want to, but not more than two to three time a week.
  • Top off the pond with fresh water when it needs it.
  • Put netting over the pond when the leaves start to fall down.
  • Test the water quality from time to time (monthly should be okay). Check pH, ammonia, nitrite and hardness.

For more advice on how to further maintain your pond, see:

Recommended Supplies

Regular Maintenance



Backyard Ponds is a full service water garden and pond company. We provide the regular maint-ainance service in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Please contact us if you would like more information. PondMart - Your online source for Pond Suplies

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Please be advised that we provide this advice as a reference only. Every pond is different, and may present different problems and solutions, so take care to research and thoroughly think out any situations before you take any actions.

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